Taking responsibility for employees and society

Concordia Maritime works continuously to take our responsibility both as an employer and as a community participant, promoting good working conditions, equality, human rights and anti-corruption.

Shipping is global in nature – in terms of business and competition, but also in relation to the labour market for seafarers. Demand for educated and experienced seafarers is high and is expected to increase further in the coming years, partly due to large numbers of retirements. In addition to competitive wages to attract skilled and experienced officers and crews, a long-term approach and a good reputation as an employer are also required.

Concordia Maritime and its manning partner Northern Marine Management endeavour to  ensure they are an attractive employer, offering competitive conditions while also providing stimulating and safe workplaces. Respect for the individual, skills development opportunities and a strong safety culture are important components of this work.

Community engagement

Concordia Maritime’s guidelines on community engagement give priority to initiatives that have a clear link to the Company’s values, expertise and operations. The projects or initiatives that are supported must be largely related to shipping. They must contribute to a safer everyday life for each seagoing individual, support the progression towards more environmentally and socially sustainable shipping, or contribute to positive development of the local markets in which the Company operates.


Create a safe and stimulating workplace

  • Initiatives for increased well-being
  • Development and career opportunities
  • Fair and competitive conditions
  • Group-wide whistleblower system

Contribute to sustainable social development

  • Zero tolerance for bribery and corruption
  • Requirement for suppliers and partners to comply with human rights
  • Support for Mercy Ships Cargo Day