A safe working environment

Compared with many other industries, shipping offers a relatively safe working environment. Measured in LTIF (lost time injury frequency, i.e. hours lost due to occupational injuries per million hours worked), there are about half as many occupational injuries in shipping as in Swedish manufacturing.

Continuous risk identification is the most important aspect of the process of improving safety on board. Crew members on our vessels spend ten minutes every day studying how procedures and movement patterns are adhered to. Reporting is based on a standardised (Behaviour Based Safety) model and any risks identified are subsequently eliminated. Observations are compiled in reports distributed to all the ships in the fleet.

With our systematic safety work, we have been significantly below the rest of the industry in terms of LTIF in recent years. A total of over 11 million hours of work has been performed on our vessels over the last five years. During all these hours, there have been only two accidents with lost workdays as a result.

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