Social Responsibility

Shipping is highly global in nature – in terms of business and competition, but also in relation to the labour market for seafarers. Demand for educated and experienced seafarers is high and is expected to increase further in the coming years, partly due to large numbers of retirements.

In addition to competitive wages to attract skilled and experienced officers and crews, a long-term approach and a good reputation as an employer are also required. Concordia Maritime and its manning partner Northern Marine Management endeavour to ensure they are attractive employers, offering competitive conditions while also providing stimulating and safe workplaces. Respect for the individual, opportunities for skills development, social benefits and a strong safety culture are important components of this work. As part of the goal to continue to be perceived as an attractive employer, a benefit program for seagoing employees and their families has been established.

Continuous skills development

In addition to comprehensive international regulations, there are also strict internal requirements and well established routines for ensuring safety on board. To ensure that the requirements are met, continuous skills development is provided. The training activities are both general and  especially adapted for a specific vessel. In addition to compulsory safety training, there are also opportunities for skills development in other areas.