Our three priority areas

By providing efficient transportation of primarily refined oils Concordia Maritime aims to create value for customers, shareholders, employees and society at large. Sustainability matters is a completely integrated part in this work.

For Concordia Maritime, issues relating to care for the environment, safety, transport efficiency and employer responsibility go very much hand in hand with sound and stable financial development. Both customers and owners, as well as society in general, benefit from safe transport, optimised flows and a major focus on fuel efficiency.

Sustainability work is based on a materiality analysis in which the main and most relevant sustainability issues are identified. The key aspects of this work include minimising the risk of accidents and ­continuously reducing the impact of the Company’s operations on the environment.

Safety first

Our overall objective is to conduct our vessel operations and business activities in a manner that protects both the vessels and the employees working under our control and supervision. Our goal is zero accidents, achieved by establishing a strong safety culture and a top quality approach at all levels within our organisation.

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Environmental responsibility

We are committed to reducing the impacts of our vessel operations and business activities on the environment. We will work continuously to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency.

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Financial sustainability

Our goal is to ensure financial development that enables us to invest in our continuing development. In this way, we can create value for employees, shareholders and ­society – in the short and long term.