2015 photo competition decided

Congratulations to the prize winners Manvir Matharu, Artem Giniatullin, Nandini and Samo Mlinar and also to the winners of the special prize Jismon James and Artem Giniatullin (again) for fantastic photos.

“We have received an unusually large number of good photos this year and are delighted with the great interest shown by our camera-happy employees. The photos give us all a good insight into the everyday life on board and it is indeed exciting to be able to follow our crews in every type of weather and situation”, says the jury.

The jury consisted of Göran Hermansson, Therese Jällbrink and Ola Andersson from Stena Bulk. The competition was held by Stena Bulk and Concordia Maritime and the winning entries can be seen, apart from in SfärNytt, on the website, in social media and when used as marketing material. The photos are stored in Stena’s Media Bank.

First prize: USD 1,000. The photo was shot during a drill on board the Stena Conquest, when the lifeboat was being tested. Photographer: Manvir Matharu, 3rd mate, Stena Conquest.

Second prize: USD 500. Happy and elated, we are in a lifeboat off Fujairah and during a short trip, we take the opportunity of shooting some photos of the ship. The wrong camera setting resulted in a more interesting photo with blurred edges and the focus on the centre of the image. Photographer: Artem Giniatullin, 2nd mate, Stena Clear Sky.

Joint third prize: USD 250.

  1. Photo taken during ice navigation in the Baltic Sea. Photographer: Nandini, trainee, Stena Arctica.
  2. Photo taken during the surface treatment and cosmetic maintenance of the ship’s funnels and the Stena logotype. It also shows how we care for Stena’s profile. Photographer: C/O Samo Mlinar.

Special prizes:

  • Jisman James: This was a surprise! On board the Stena Conqueror outside New York. Photo.
  • Artem Giniatullin: 2nd mate at work on board the Stena Clear Sky. Photo.